Wormers direct.co.uk run a horse worming scheme

The horse worming scheme and programme

wormers-direct.co.uk ltd run a horse worming animal health plan and scheme that will help in controlling the worm burden of your horse or all the horses on a yard or stud. The scheme is a based on a annual grazing season rotational plan of worming with emphasis on the rotation of the key chemical ingredients contained in the leading wormers on the market today. This along with testing, pasture management and egg counts will help you plan an effective parasite control regime.

We will record all your horse worming purchases and maintain those records so that you can see from your history which wormers have been used and at what times of the year. By monitoring these purchases we can advise on which products should be used and when. With our regular contact with the manufacturers and by utilising industry research we will endeavour to provide you with an effective parasite control plan. All customers, with their permission, will be included in our wormer scheme which we will be more than happy to update you with at any time and no matter from where you but your wormers with no obligation.

This scheme is a way of ensuring that accurate records are kept for your convenience and to enable you to keep within the horse passport guidelines

We are more than happy to help out with any queries that you may have with regard to worming your horses, please  feel free to contact us by

email or telephone.




Had a day at Brahman Horse Trials helping out on the BETA stand and came across a scary SQP bloke stuck on a giant poster.
The moral is always buy your horse wormers from Suitably Qualified Persons (animal medicine advisor)