Which Wormer?

To help you with your equine worming and animal health planning requirements we have some pages her that explain the different chemical ingredients, and what they treat, in the different horse wormers that we currently stock at wormers-direct .co.uk

Different active ingredients treat for different equine worm burdens, some are specific to single certain worm types whilst others treat for a broader spectrum of parasite and there are also combination products containing more than one active ingredient so they target more worm types.

To decide on which product is most suitable for your particular circumstances take into account the following factors:

When did you last treat and with what?
Have you targeted specific parasites in your animal health planning?
When did you last treat for encysted small redworm?
When did you last treat for tapeworm?
If you are treating for pinworm have you considered the environment?
Is the time of year when a worm egg count might be appropriate?


Here are some links to pages that may help you with your worming strategy

            Which chemical ingredient does what?

            Types of equine worms

            The distinct chemical groups

            The distinct brands

            Has your horse got worms?

            Autumn and winter worming

         An Equine worming calendar





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