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Animalife’s commitment to scientific research and discovery has affirmed the position as a market-leader in innovation. Furthermore, they have taken on a commitment to nature, as they feel it is important to think about the long-term effects of scientific research. They work with responsible partners who care about the environment and are committed to the principles of biodiversity and sustainible production methods. 
Animalife® ensure the quality and efficacy of ingredients, which can often be compromised in a highly competitive marketplace. They are continuously improving our production processes and each step is monitored using performance indicators on a consistent basis. All of the ingredients are 100% traceable from raw material to the finished product and have been sourced exclusively from officially certified suppliers.
World-class scientists utilise state of the art technology to formulate products and through the use of the latest global advances and innovations  Animalife® provide some of the best natural solutions in nature. 
Animalife® products are used professionally and are proudly recommended by leading Vets and International team riders.

Discover the perfect Lifestage supplement

We understand that there are times during an equine’s life when they will require different levels of support depending on the challenges they are facing. The Lifestage range is designed to support the requirements of every equine at different stages of their development.



Young and inexperienced equines require nutritional support for their development, whether it is growing strong and healthy bones and muscle, to dealing with new experiences.
The Growing range of Animalife products have been created to target these needs.



All horse owners wish to maintain a happy and healthy horse and nutrition can play an important role in this.
The Healthy range of Animalife products is formulated to support your equine, in order to help maintain day-to-day health and vitality.



As horses grow older they can face certain challenges such as stiff joints, digestive upsets and poor condition.
The Senior range of Animalife products has been carefully designed to support the demands of older horses and help conserve health well into the golden years.


Some horses will face serious challenges as they go through life, especially when they are leading an active lifestyle.
The Intense range of Animalife products uses advanced formulations for use when nutritional needs may be greater.


Equine Oxyshot is a quick acting solution that has been scientifically created using a revolutionary oxygen technology called CS02. Oxyshot contains no banned substances and is ideal for horses prone to excitement, tension, spookiness and unwanted behaviour during stressful situations such as competitions and transportation.

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