Verm-X Herbal horse wormer for intestinal hygiene

Verm-X as for Equine intestinal hygiene

Verm-X for horsesCommonly asked questions with their answers:


Q. What is Verm-X?

A. Verm-X is a natural herbal blend for intestinal hygiene The Verm-X range has individual products to cater for most animals.

 Q. What herbs are in Verm-X?

A. Herbs found in Verm-X include: Garlic (Allium Sativum), Peppermint (Menta Piperita), Common Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zelandicum), Tansy (Tanacetum Vulgare), Cayenne (Capsicum Minimum), Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare), Cleavers (Gallium Aperine), Nettle (Urtica Dioica) and Slippery Elm (Ulmus Fulva)

Q. How does Verm-X work?

A. Verm-X is fed over a period of time (see each pack for details) and works to create an environment in the gut and digestive system that is uninhabitable to parasites. The environment is able to attack and expel the parasites.

Unlike chemical based products that act with more of a purging effect Verm-X works very differently as with the regular feeding of Verm-X the environment that Verm-X builds will stay maintained throughout the year giving your animals constant protection. You cannot stop your animals from picking up parasites, the key is stopping them from settling and doing their damage.

Q. Is Verm-X just a preventative?

A. No, this is a common misconception of herbal products. Verm-X is a powerful product and the environment Verm-X builds is not only able to remove a current burden but also (when fed following correct feeding instructions) can act as a preventative expelling internal parasites before they settle.

Q. Do herbal formulations work?

A. Verm-X consists of herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural way to repel and control internal parasites. Prior to the 1930s there were no petroleum-based man-made products. There were just herbs. Verm-X has made available formulations that have stood the test of time for being effective remedies for a far longer period of time than modern man-made products. Verm-X is therefore ideal for those wishing to find a natural way to address an important area of animal husbandry.

Q. Can I use Verm-X along with a conventional worming routine?

A. Yes. Verm-X can be used on its own all year round. It can also be used as part of a conventional programme.

There are no ingredients in Verm-X that would stop the work of or inhibit the work of any ingredients used in pharmaceutical products.

Q. I see your product is available in a liquid, powder and pelleted form. Which I should I use?

A. The Equine formulation is available in 3 forms – a liquid, a powder and a pellet.

The liquid form is administered every month for 3 consecutive days (full feeding instructions are shown on the packaging) the liquid is designed to be added into drinking water which proves particularly useful for larger herds of horses kept together.

The powder is administered for 5 consecutive days every 3 months (full feeding instructions are shown on the packaging). The powder is quite fine and so does need mixing in with a feed. This form of our product is particularly popular with owners whose horses are prone to laminitis or cushings as it is simply a blend of our equine herbs with nothing else added. This also helps us to keep the pricing low making this form particularly cost effective.

Finally the pelleted form is our most popular formulation. Verm-X Equine Pellets are fed for 5 consecutive days every 3 months (full feeding instructions are shown on the packaging.) Although the pellets can be mixed into a feed they are designed to be fed from your hand as a treat and contain a small amount of aniseed and molasses to make them extra tasty.

All three of these forms are designed to be equally as effective and are simply designed to give you different options on how to feed the product depending on what works best for your routine.

Q. Can I compete my horse whilst on Verm-X?

A. Yes. As Verm-X is 100% herbal and non toxic, it doesn't disrupt the flora of the gut and doesn’t contravene current FEI or Jockey Club rulings. However as rulings continually change it up to individual clients to check with their respective association if there is any doubt. Verm-X offers full corporation for such research.

Q. I have a pony, how much of the Verm-X should I feed?

A. For ponies under 11.2hh, the quantity of Verm-X fed may be halved. However no harm will be done if the full serving is administered you will simply save money.

Q. My mare is in foal, can I feed Verm-X to her?

A. Yes, Verm-X is completely safe to use throughout pregnancy and also when the mother is feeding.

Q. Can resistances be built up against Verm-X?

We are unaware of any resistance to Verm-X. Although Verm-X has only been on the market since 2002, herbs have been used for centuries and, unlike pharmaceutical products, there is no resistance of which we are aware.

If you image a row of daisies growing, although in many ways all the same each grow slightly differently, be it with a slightly different number of petals or growing slightly taller or shorter. In this same way the variety of herbs that we use are always slightly different in each of our blends. They always stay just as effective but are different enough to make parasites unable to become resistant to their work.

Q.Will Verm-X be OK to use on my animals on my organic smallholding?

A. Yes, in November 2010 the Verm-X Smallholder Range gained approval for use in organic systems following assessment by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd.

What is Verm-X?

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