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Equine Oxyshot

How does Equine Oxyshot work?

TheEquine Oxyshot a liquid nutritional supplement that increases oxygen levels of the horse’s blood to optimise performance and control temperament first step in understanding how Equine Oxyshot works is to appreciate the unique bio-electrical manufacturing process. Put simply, deionised water (cleansed of all organic compounds and impurities) with a little salt added (to facilitate an electrolyte solution) is exposed to a serious electric charge. This process of electrolysis progressively “de-composes†the water by removing hydrogen from the H2O and by uniquely bonding the surplus oxygen molecules together, enabling the solution to remain stable whilst “super concentrating†the oxygen level. This procedure increases the oxygen from that which is found in tap water (about 8 parts per million) and multiplied up to the Equine Oxyshot of 150,000 parts per million (15% of total volume). The oxygen is “stabilised†(meaning ‘locked in’ to solution and prevented from becoming a ‘gas’).


Equine Oxyshot in paste format 3 Shots per syringeSamples from the Equine Oxyshot production facility have been shown by independent laboratories to remain stable for at least two years in an unopened container and eight months in an opened container. This represents a world first, not only due to the stable qualities of Equine Oxyshot, but due to the neutral pH of 7.9 which makes it safe to drink! (Older technologies require a chemical process that results in potentially toxic PH of 3.4 which means they are unsafe to ingest).

How is Equine Oxyshot absorbed into the body?

Typically atmospheric oxygen (a gas) is delivered to the body via the lungs. In contrast, Equine Oxyshot (although rich in oxygen) is not a gas, it is an aqueous solution and like all solutions (eg water, alcohol etc) is absorbed via the gastro-intestinal tract, across the gastric membrane. As the gastric membrane is similar in nature to the tissues of the lungs the oxygen ‘locked in solution’ crosses over into the blood stream in the same way and this by-passes the first two steps of aerobic respiration (ventilation/gas exchange). The oxygen in a 25ml dose of Equine Oxyshot, whilst not in itself a lot of oxygen (3.75ml) compared to normal respiratory oxygen, is however in a very concentrated form (15%) in the solution and this difference is the key to its effectiveness.

How does this help a horse?

Research conducted in universities and laboratories around the world has shown that, following the use of Oxyshot marked increases in the partial pressure of arterial blood (PO2) and significant decreases in blood CO2 were found. This increase in usable oxygen and reduction in CO2 could lead to many benefits for the physical performance and general wellbeing of the performance horse.

How can this be happening?

Exercise physiologists have been aware for a long time that a phenomenon known as “de-saturation†exists among some athletes where the haemoglobin ‘dumps’ oxygen into the muscles, thus increasing the oxygen available to the muscles without increasing cardio-respiratory rates. A similar event may be encouraged by administering Equine Oxyshot prior to the intense exercise event. This could explain the increased O2 metabolism from ingesting only 3.75ml from a 25ml dose of Equine Oxyshot.

Possible mechanisms

Observers of oxygen therapy, using traditional forms of O2 in solution (hydrogen peroxide) even in very small doses (5 drops) have recorded changes to enzyme 2,3 DPG, in the haemoglobin this can lead to a shift in the ‘HbO2’ dissociation curve to the left and by speeding up the delivery of oxygen to the muscle tissues, improve the efficiency of existing haemoglobin and cardio-respiratory functions.


What are the ingredients in Equine Oxyshot?

Equine Oxyshot contains de-ionised water, a minimum amount of naturally formed sodium chloride (in the form of Sea Salt) and a minimum of 15% v.v of charged stabilised oxygen (CSO2â„¢) at manufacture.

Are there any side effects when administering Equine Oxyshot?

There are no known side effects.

If side effects occur should I stop administering it?

No, by continuing to administer the supplement it will expediate the detoxification process allowing the horse to perform at its maximum. As quoted from Valerie Saxion Ph.D, N.D “Oxygen displaces deadly free radicals, neutralises environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic (depleted of oxygen) bacteria, parasites, microbes and viruses.â€

Will Equine Oxyshot interfere with any nutritional supplements or medications?


Can you administer Equine Oxyshot and other nutritional supplements or medications at the same time?

To obtain the maximum benefits, it is preferred and recommended to administer Equine Oxyshot on an empty stomach 30 minutes before feeding or other administration of nutritional supplements or medications.

Is Equine Oxyshot pH balanced?

Yes. Equine Oxyshot is balanced to a slightly alkaline state which is beneficial to the body.

How much oxygen is actually in Equine Oxyshot?

It contains at least 15 % v/v (volume-to-volume) CSO2 which is equivalent to 150,000 parts per million of stabilized bio-available di-atomic oxygen at manufacture.

What is the shelf life of Equine Oxyshot?

It is about 8 months for an opened bottle and 18 months for an unopened bottle.

What is the difference between Equine Oxyshot and hydrogen peroxide or other oxygen supplements on the market?

Equine Oxyshot should not be confused with the Chemical Chlorite compounds which are available on the market and which represent an older, now outdated approach to providing oxygen supplements. Equine Oxshot is a liquid solution which contains intact oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption; the older Chlorite type compounds must first come into contact with the acid in the stomach before oxygen is released by way of a vigorous chemical reaction. Also, Equine Oxyshot should not be confused with hydrogen peroxide, a compound which can cause problems if not administered properly and with appropriate care.

How should I store Equine Oxyshot?

Once opened it is best stored in a refrigerator, however you can store Equine Oxyshot at room temperature. It is important to keep it out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze Equine Oxyshot.

What is De-Ionised Water?

De-Ionised water is a very pure form of water that has had ionic chlorides removed.

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