Non UK Sales

We are happy to deliver to the following EU countries providing that products are authorised in those States and that there are no restrictions on obtaining the products you are ordering in your part of the EU 

There is an extra delivery charge for non UK orders which will be calculated at checkout.

Belgium, Germany, Ireland(restricted to non LM products), France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Luxembourg  

Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Austria, Italy, Sweden, The Czech Republic and Slovakia 

There is information available here which will help to ascertain information about the products you are ordering:
European Commission website - This is a list of centrally authorised products, whereby a product is issued with a pan-European authorisation permitting the marketing, sale and supply of the product in all EU MS including the UK.  

We have a fuller explanation of these conditions here in French and we will be happy to translate them to any other language if required.

We would need you to complete the form at time of ordering stating that there is no specific legislation in your part of the EU regarding such imports and we will also be checking that products are authorised in those States. If products are not approved then the order will not be fulfilled
The following extract will explain more.
“Products may not be dispatched for use in another member State unless the veterinary medicinal product may be lawfully supplied or administered in that member State.”
Therefore we will need to ascertain there are no such restrictions  We will enquire into the local and national regulations pertaining in your part of the EU to confirm that there are no local or national restrictions with regard to the receiving of supply of products from the UK which fall into the category POM-VPS or NFA-VPS.
As these products are animal medicines there may be some regulations during transportation that these products get stopped in transit, we need you to take full responsibility for this action. We do everything in our power to make sure these products do reach you. When local conditions allow we send items by European tracking.


Please note that all our products are as pictured and as such the packets are printed in English along with the relevant usage and dosing guidelines. You must be able to understand all such wording before administration.

Bemærk venligst at alle vores produkter som er afbilledet og som sådan pakkerne er trykt på engelsk sammen med den relevante brug og dosisvejledninger. Du skal være i stand til at forstå alt sådan formulering før administration.

Houd er rekening mee dat al onze producten zo worden afgebeeld en als zodanig de pakketten zijn gedrukt in het Engels, samen met de relevante gebruik en de dosering richtlijnen. U moet in staat zijn om al deze bewoordingen te begrijpen voor de toediening.

S'il vous plaît noter que tous nos produits sont comme sur la photo et que ces paquets sont imprimés en anglais ainsi que l'utilisation pertinente et les recommandations posologiques. Vous devez être en mesure de comprendre tous les termes tels avant l'administration.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle unsere Produkte sind wie abgebildet und als solche werden die Pakete in englischer Sprache gedruckt zusammen mit der jeweiligen Nutzung und Dosierung Richtlinien. Sie müssen in der Lage sein, alle solche Formulierung vor der Verabreichung zu verstehen.

Παρακαλώ σημειώστε ότι όλα τα προϊόντα μας είναι όπως απεικονίζεται και ως τέτοια τα πακέτα στα αγγλικά, μαζί με τη σχετική χρήση και δοσολογικές οδηγίες. Θα πρέπει να είναι σε θέση να κατανοήσουν όλες τις τέτοια διατύπωση πριν από τη χορήγηση.

Si prega di notare che tutti i nostri prodotti sono come nella foto e come tale i pacchetti sono stampati in lingua inglese con l'utilizzo pertinente e le indicazioni di dosaggio. È necessario essere in grado di capire tutto tale formulazione prima della somministrazione.

Tenga en cuenta que todos nuestros productos están según lo representado y como tal, los paquetes se imprimen en Inglés junto con el uso y las directrices de dosificación. Usted debe ser capaz de entender todo tal redacción antes de su administración.

Por favor, note que todos os nossos produtos são tão retratado e, como tal, os pacotes são impressos em Inglês, juntamente com o uso e orientações de dosagem. Você deve ser capaz de compreender todas essas menções antes da administração.