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Virbac 3D WormingVirbac Equine SQP of the Year 2013 goes to Simon Wetherald
Countryfile presenter, ecologist and journalist Ellie Harrison presented the Virbac Equine SQP of the Year 2013 Award to Simon Wetherald (owner and senior E-SQP at Bardsey Mills Ltd and ) . This national competition was set up to reward the suitably qualified person judged to offer the best advice to his or her customers. The award was made on the fashion show stage at BETA International held at the NEC
Simon says â€œHad a great weekend and delighted to accept the award on behalf of all the hard working and diligent E- SQPS who help maintain a professional service of animal health planning throughout the UKâ€
The next recipient of this prestigious award will be announced this year at the 2014 Horse of the Year Show

Keep up to date on whats happening in the world of worming and parasite control by checking our blogKeep up to date on what's happening in the world of worming and parasite control by checking our blog
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Unfortunately Strongid P Granules have been discontinued. The paste format of Strongid P is still available If you are treating for tapeworm in horses and do not want to use a syringe based product then Equimax Tablets are a useful alternative. In granular format for both horses and donkeys we have Panacur Granules

As ever if you need any help with regard to which products to use just ask on or telephone on 0844 808 6070 or from a mobile using your minutes call us free on 0333 320 0510 


Z-Itch is an exciting new product. Z-itch has revolutionised the way sweet itch is treated. Comes in easy, ready to use pour on solution.

Severe horse itch gives rise to hair loss, skin problems, weeping sores and sometimes secondary infections. The response to midge bites varies with each horse. 


What is an SQP?

SQP stands for Suitably Qualified Person and means those personnel who are registered with AMTRA and have passed the required examinations may, therefore supply veterinary medicinal products classified as POM-VPS and NFA-VPS from retail businesses with premises that are registered to be able to hold and supply veterinary medicinal products.

The duties of an SQP are varied and controlled by the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) and as such require us to be vigilant when we prescribe or supply your worming requirements. It for such reason that we ask for many particulars when you are ordering your worming products and often take the time to remind you to keep updated with all the product literature and instructions for use.

We take these responsibilities very seriously and by doing so hope to give you, the animal owners and keepers, the very best service along with technical and common sense expertise.

Designed to maintain supple joints and freedom of movement in equines

Suplijoint has been formulated to bring together natural ingredients which can relieve joint pain and stiffness. This potentially crippling condition has three main causes, lack of lubrication, cartilage wear and tear and inflammation. To properly treat or prevent the problem occurring all three of these conditions should be dealt with. READ MORE HERE... now with HA

Herbal Wormers
Herbal products are now available using specific combinations of plants to repel parasites.  Products available include Multi-Worm and Verm-X. There is no scientific data about how effective these herbal preparations are in combating worm burden so it is best to take expert advice before relying on herbal products.