Knowledge Base

We have built up a considerable knowledge base over the last years since we started to specialise in animal health care with a special emphasis on horse wormers.

We have posted some of these on our blog but are now adding them on our horse worming and animal health website. They are not the definitive item on any of the subjects but hopefully will help to inform and advise. We welcome any corrections or extra information or complete articles from contributors.

 Sweet Itch in Horses  Biosecurity on the Stable Yard
Sweet Itch in Horses  Sweet Itch in Horses
The dangers of ticks on dogs  The dangers of ticks on dogs
Gastric ulcers in the horse world Mud fever effecting horses
Gastric ulcers in the horse world What are gastric ulcers or Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome (EGUS)?
Wormer resistance in the equine world Anthelmintic resistance in horses
Equine worming myths 10 Myths of equine worming
Equine worms as a cause of colic Equine worms as cause of colic
Probiotics for horses Probiotics for horses
Lung worm in horses Lungworm in horses and donkeys
Neck threadworm in horses Neck Threadworm in horses
The dangers of under dosing horse wormers The dangers of underdosing horse wormers 
Ticks on cats and dogs