Eradibait 3kg

Eradibait 3kg

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Eradibait Rat And Mouse Bait 3KG

EradiBait contains no poisonous chemicals and is based on ground maize combined with wheat and a sweet molasses attractant. EradiBait is effective even among rodent populations that are completely resistant to conventional anticoagulants. No risk to children or pets no risk to livestock or birds and no risk of contamination to crops or food no environmental pollution - fully biodegradable. It works - Eradibait has undergone the same testing as all other rodenticides in the UK, it has proved as effective as conventional chemical rodenticides 

The Brown Rat

The brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) on average weighs in at 250gm with mother rat having a gestation period of 22 days and a history of incredible survival populations of rats can increase very quickly. Rats will eat about 10% of their body weight each day usually spread over about 10 meals a day but whilst they eat and defecate they contaminate. Living in colonies they may not be able to see very well but they sure can smell out a meal and in to get to that meal think nothing of causing damage in their wake whilst at the same time carrying a variety of diseases which are of course a health hazard not only to humans but other animals and pets too. Rats and their smaller friends’ mice are known carriers of Salmonella, Leptospira, Toxoplasma and Campylobacter to name but a few. Rats need to drink every day to survive so a nice dark space under your shed with a water supply from a leaking gutter might be a luxury accommodation to Rattus norvegicus


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