Drontal wormers for cats and dogs


Drontal Wormers for Dogs and Cats

Drontal Dog Tasty Bone Tablets
We stock Drontal  Dog for effective treatment of roundworms and tapeworms in a single simple dose. Drontal  can be used for pregnant and lactating bitches but only with veterinary consultation before treating pregnant bitches for roundworms. For adult dogs four treatments per year will form the basis of an effective worming regime.  Puppies over 3kg should be treated from the age of 2 weeks, every 2 weeks there after until they are about 3 months of age. It is generally accepted that nursing bitches should be wormed at the same time as their puppies.
Each Drontal  Dog worming tablet will treat up to a bodyweight of 10kg

Drontal Cat
With a single dose Drontal controls every type of intestinal worm normally found in cats and dogs in the UK. Drontal plus for dogs contains pyrantel embonate and febantel which combined have a well documented synergistic effect. Drontal Plus Dog and Drontal Cat tablets contain praziquantel an effective and potent weapon against tapeworm. Now in an ellipsoid presentation which means they will be easier to give to cats, giving cat owners an easier time when they come to worm their pets.

Regular routine worming is important not only for the well being of your pet but also to protect ourselves and our children a s we are in close contact with our pets. Several worm species notably the roundworm, Toxopcara canis, and the tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus can be picked up by humans with potentially serious consequences.  It is recommended that pets are wormed 3 to 4 times a year. It is difficult to prevent a dog or cat becoming infected with worms but regular use of anthelmintics will ensure that the worms are killed before they can cause serious damage to the animal’s health.

The recommended dose rates are 57.5 mg/kg pyrantel embonate and 5 mg/kg praziquantel. This is equivalent to one Drontal Cat Tablets per 4 kg bodyweight and 1 Drontal Cat XL Tablets per 6 kg bodyweight.

up to 2 kg 0.5 - Drontal Cat Tablet
> 2 kg up to 4 kg 1 - Drontal Cat Tablet
> 4 kg up to 6 kg - 1 Drontal Cat XL Tablet
> 6 kg up to 8 kg 2 Drontal Cat Tablet
> 8 kg up to 10 kg 1 Drontal Cat Tablet plus 1 Drontal Cat XL Tablet


When using Drontal there is no need to disrupt the feeding routine as the tablets can be given at any time. Each Drontal  Dog tablet will treat a dog of 10kgs.  A Drontal Cat tablet will treat a cat up to 4kgs in weight.

Drontal Plus XL Dog
Because a St. Bernard may weigh 20 times more than a Chihuahua, worming big dogs used to require as many as 6 tablets. Not any more! With Drontal Plus XL, you can worm a 35 kg dog with just one tablet.

Drontal Cat Wormer XL tablets are very effective as a single dose against most round and tapeworms including dipylidium tapeworm spread by cat fleas Use Drontal cat tablets every 3 months (hunting cats may need more frequent worming) Drontal Cat XL tablets - 1 tablet per 6 kg bodyweight NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT CATS DO NOT USE IN KITTENS UNDER 6 WEEKS OF AGE.

Drontal Puppy Suspension - Puppies & Young Dogs
For the treatment and control of roundworms of puppies and young dogs up to one year of age. Each ml of suspension contains 14.4mg pyrantel embonate and 15 mg febantel.

Worms controlled include - Ascarids:Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina Hookworms:Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum Whipworms:Trichuris vulpis

Dosage and administration - 1 ml suspension/kg body weight administered orally.  It is recommended that treatment with Drontal Puppy Suspension should start at 2 weeks of age and be repeated at two weekly intervals until 12 weeks of age. The product may be given directly to the animal or mixed with the food. There are no special dietary precautions to be taken. Mix the product by inversion of the container before withdrawing the required dose. Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age and at 2 week intervals until 12 weeks of age.
Drontal Puppy Available now in 50ml and 100ml


Warnings - Do not use simultaneously with compounds containing piperazine. Do not use in pregnant or lactating bitches without veterinary consultation. For animal treatment only. Wash hands after use.

Drontal plus for dogs will control the following worm burdens:
Toxocara canis, toxascaris leonina, ancylostoma cainum, uncinaria stenocephala, trichuiris vulpis, dipylidium caninum, taenia spp., echinoccus granulosus & Echinococcus multilocularis.

Drontal Cat will control the following worm burdens:
Toxocara cati, toxascaris leonine, dipylidium, canium, taenia,taeniaeformis, Echinococcus, joyeuxiella pasqualei, ancylostoma braziliense & ancylostoma tubaeforme 

Drontal provides outstanding worm control but like other pet wormers it has no prophylactic effect so it cannot prevent re-infection, this is why it is so important to a routinely worm every 3 months.

For more information on the types of worms click here

If you are in any doubt about the health of your pets always consult your veterinary surgeon