Dosing frequency for equine wormers


Dosing frequencies of equine wormers

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The dosing frequencies are to be used as guideline but you must rember to take in other factors when you treat. Factors such as time of year, use of egg counts, movements on the yard, new arrivals future stratergy and general animal health planning


Brand Name   Dosing Interval
Strongid P  6-8 weeks
Pyratape P 6-8 weeks
Panacur 6-8 weeks
Eraquell 8-10 weeks
Noromectin 8-10 weeks
Vectin  8-10 weeks
Eqvalan      8-10 weeks
Eqvalan Duo 8-10 weeks
Noropraz 8-10 weeks
Equest   13 Weeks
Equest Pramox  13 Weeks
Equimax  10 weeks