Coopers Fly Repellent 600ml

Coopers Fly Repellent 600ml

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Coopers Fly Repellent Plus, the only product licensed to repel and kill flies on horses in the UK, is back!

Customers are welcoming the return of this truly-effective product which is proven as an effective aid in the control of Sweet Itch and for the protection of horses from the misery of flies and lice.
A single application provides up to four day’s fly control and eliminates adult populations of biting lice and viable eggs for up to three months, without staining clothes or tack. The only fly repellent for horses containing Permethrin and Citronellol, Coopers Fly Repellent Plus has a pleasant citrus fragrance that leaves a horse’s coat smooth and glossy.
Available as a ready-to-use, topical application, Coopers Fly Repellent Plus is both a cost effective and convenient choice. Supplied in a 600ml pack/bottle, it has a shelf life of up to four years and the non-spray, wipe-on formulation is well tolerated by even the most flighty of horses.
 It is a licensed, long-acting and popular fly control product that both kills and repels flies. Coopers Fly Repellent Plus is easily applied and it provides long lasting relief which helps managing horses on a day to day basis. By using a licensed controlled product, a horse can normally gain up to four day’s relief, although longer or shorter protection may occur depending on climatic conditions, the prevailing fly species and the intensity of fly worry.
Coopers Fly Repellent Plus, is the only product licensed to repel and kill flies, in addition to being licensed to treat lice and as an aid to control sweet itch.

Effective against flies and also the midges causing Sweet Itch. Also controls lice for up to three months. Repels and kills insects. cotains permethrin and citronellol

A white silicon based emulsion containing a fly repellent and a topical insecticide in ready to use form. Contains permethrin (technical) (25:75) 1.05% w/v and citronellol 2% w/v.

As a ready-to-use, topical application to repel and kill biting and other flies on horses; as an aid in the control of sweet itch, a condition believed to be caused by the midge Culicoides pulicaris; for the treatment and control of infestations of the biting louse, Damalinia equi. Also shines horses' coats.

Dosage and administration
Apply shortly before working the horse or when flies are troublesome, at the following rate:
Up to 300 kg bodyweight
100 ml
300 to 500 kg bodyweight
150 ml
Over 500 kg bodyweight
Up to 200 ml
No dilution is necessary.
If the horse is to be groomed, the product should not be applied until after this has been completed.
Shake thoroughly before use.
Pour the product onto the sponge cloth and spread lightly over the horse's head, neck, body and legs measuring the dose volume against the calibrations on the 600 ml container.
Fly control
Apply shortly before working the horse or when flies are troublesome.
Where flies appear to be troublesome only around the horse's head and neck a reduced amount may be applied to these parts alone.
Repeat every other day or as necessary.
A treatment will normally give two to four days relief, but longer or shorter protection may occur depending on climatic conditions, the prevailing fly species and the intensity of fly worry.
Louse control
A single application of Coopers Fly Repellant Plus will usually eliminate adult populations of the biting louse Damalinia equi, and viable eggs for up to 3 months. However as this protection is not absolute, it is advisable to repeat treatment after an interval of 14 days. Ensure that the whole body is treated including the head and tail.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc
Do not use with other topically applied products.
Avoid application into the horse's eyes and nostrils or into cuts and abrasions. Do not use on horses intended for human consumption.
For external use only.
A small proportion of horses may exhibit a skin reaction following application of the product. The reaction is normally mild and transient resembling nettle rash and usually resolves without the need for any treatment. Application to a small area on the side of the neck before the first use should determine within 24 hours whether such a reaction is likely.
Protection of operators
Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Impervious gloves should be worn when applying this product. Wash hands and exposed skin before meals or smoking, and after work. In cases of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Protection of livestock, wildlife and others
Dangerous to fish and crustaceans. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with the product or used containers.
Wash out used sponges and empty containers with water and dispose of rinsing water onto land not used for growing crops.
Dispose of used sponges, empty containers and any unused product in the refuse.

Pharmaceutical precautions
Store in tightly closed original container. Store away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Do not store above 25°C.

Legal category
AVM-GSL (previously GSL).

Packaging Quantities
600 ml.

Further information
Permethrin is a residual insecticide with a contact repellent and killing action. It is a highly effective insecticide of extremely low mammalian toxicity. The 25:75 cis:trans isomer ratio is the least toxic form of permethrin available. If signs of disease persist or appear consult your veterinary surgeon.

Marketing authorisation number
Vm 0201/4131.


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