Biotal Equine Gold 1.5kg

Biotal Equine Gold 1.5kg

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Help your horses achieve their full performance potential.

Maintain condition
Supports the digestive system
Maintains normal levels of acidity in the gut
Help sustain the immune system
Can help to combat symptoms of stress
Maintains vitality in older horses
Helps sustain appetite even in fussy feeders
Suitable for use with all horses & ponies

Did you know…

Millions of friendly bacteria are lost from your horses’s digestive tract every day?
70% of your horse’s immune system depends on a healthy intestine?
Stress, age, diet changes, travel, antibiotics and worming can impact on your horse’s natural defences?
Equine Gold is a unique live yeast daily feed supplement.
Friendly bacteria aid digestion and are as important for horses as humans. Equine Gold helps friendly bacteria to thrive – so feeding Equine Gold helps your horse to thrive.

Scientifically proven to:

Promote and maintain condition
Stabilise the digestive system
Combat symptoms of stress
Strengthen the immune system
Restore vitality in older horses



Suitable for daily use with all horses and ponies.


Do I need to feed Equine Gold every day? 

If your horse is in hard work and being fed large cereal meals, feeding Equine Gold on a daily basis will maintain the levels of ‘friendly bacteria’, including those that digest fibre in the hind gut. As the yeast cells do not colonise or multiply in the hind gut and are gradually lost over a period of 72 hours, Equine Gold should be fed daily to keep the level of live yeast cells at an effective level.

My horse in on antibiotics, should I feed Equine Gold?

There is evidence to suggest that certain types of antibiotics can have a detrimental effect on the balance of bacteria in the hindgut, which can sometimes lead to loose droppings or scouring. Feeding Equine Gold during and after antibiotic therapy can help to minimise the negative impact on the hindgut microflora.

How long before and after worming should I feed Equine Gold?

The active ingredients in worming products have been shown to have a transient negative impact on the bacterial population in the hind gut, particularly cellulolytic (fibre digesting) bacteria. Equine Gold can help minimise this detrimental effect and feeding during and up to a week after worming will be beneficial.

Can Equine Gold be fed under FEI or HRA rules?

Each batch of Equine Gold is tested for absence of the naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine before being released for sale.

My horse struggles to maintain condition – will Equine Gold help?

Equine Gold has been shown to improve feed utilisation by supporting efficient fibre fermentation, allowing your horse to ‘use’ his feed efficiently helping to maintain condition.

Can I feed Equine Gold to my pregnant mare?

Feeding Equine Gold to pregnant mares can help to maintain condition in the later stages of pregnancy when appetite may limit feed intake. Scientific studies have also shown that live yeasts can support good lactation. Live yeast can also help to support foetal growth when fed in the last three months of pregnancy.

My horse is prone to minor colic attacks – will Equine Gold help? 

It is believed that certain forms of colic such as spasmodic or impaction colic can be precipitated by a change to the normal population of bacteria in the digestive tract. Whilst Equine Gold should not be regarded as a preventative, treatment or cure for colic, it can help to maintain a normal healthy balance of bacteria within the digestive tract supporting normal digestive function.

My horse has laminitis – will Equine Gold help?

A disruption to the balance of bacteria in the hindgut is central to the mechanism of laminitis. Whilst Equine Gold should not be regarded as a preventative, treatment or cure for laminitis, it can help to maintain a normal healthy balance of bacteria in the hindgut, which is essential for horses or ponies at risk from laminitis.

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