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Spoton cat dewormer from Bob Martins

Bob Martin Spot On De-wormer for Cats


The Ultimate easy to use Wormer Fast, 100% effective tapeworm treatment 



No more tablets - Spot-On applied directly to the nape of the neck
Absorbed into the bloodstream, worms detach from the gut wall and disintegrate
FAST – Peak efficacy within 3 hours
EFFECTIVE – 100% effective against tapeworm
Contains Praziquantel the gold standard active ingredient for cats
Recommended under the PETS travel scheme (EU Pet Passport)
Can be used in conjunction with Bob Martin Flea Spot-On


Bob Martin Cat & Kitten Spot On Dewormer

 - Frequently asked questions

What is it for?

Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer has been specially developed to make worming cats and kittens easy. Clinically proven, Spot On Dewormer starts working almost immediately and is 100% effective at controlling tapeworm, the most common worms affecting cats. 

What is in the pack?

Inside the pack are some blister packs, inside each of these is a small tube. Each tube contains 0.5ml of liquid containing 20mg of praziquantel. This is the  active ingredient that kills the cat’s worms. The solution also contains other inactive ingredients which are needed to allow the drug to be absorbed across the skin and into the cat’s body where it can be effective. 
How do you use the product? 

Weigh the cat carefully before calculating the dose. 

Cat’s Weight No of Tubes

1 – 2.5kg


2.5 – 5kg


If the cat weights more than 5kg apply an extra tube per 2.5kg of bodyweight
Do not use on cats & kittens weighing less than 1kg.

Hold the tube upright with the cap at the Top. Remove cap by pulling off and use the top of the cap to break the seal on the end of the tube. Part the cat’s coat on the back of the neck immediately behind the head until the skin is visible. 

The application site will be dry typically within 1 hour of application.

How does it work?

The solution is absorbed into the cat’s body through the skin, into the bloodstream and then the gut where the worms are. As soon as the worms come into contact with the active ingredient, they detach from the gut wall, die and are excreted by the cat.

The product has been specifically developed for administration to cats and is particularly effective against the following worm species:

  •  Dipylidium caninum (the flea tapeworm)
  •  Taenia taeniaeformis
  •  Echinoccus multilocularis 

When should you Use Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer?

There is no permanent treatment for worms. Veterinarians recommend that weaned kittens and adult cats be wormed every 3 months as a routine measure. It is also important to remove sources of possible reinfection such as fleas and mice.  

Can I use it with other treatments?

Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer for cats & kittens can be used with Bob Martin Flea Spot On Treatments.  

Is it safe for the cat?

This product is licensed by the Veterinary Medical Directorate, which means that it has been certified as safe to use and is made under carefully controlled conditions in an approved factory. 

It should not be used on cats & kittens that weight less than 1kg


If you are in any doubt about the health of your pets always consult your veterinary surgeon