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Plerion wormers fordogs

Plerion Wormers for Dogs

We supply Plerion 5 and Plerion 10 dog wormers Listed below are the dosages and uses for these products.
In a recent survey 46% of owners said they had problems worming their dogs. Of these 29% had to forcibly worm their pet and a further 44% had to hide the wormer in food to ensure treatment was successful*.
Now there is new Plerion, a flavoured, chewable, easy-to-give broad spectrum wormer.

In a sampling trial of 952 dogs* 80% took Plerion spontaneously. In fact most dogs take Plerion right out of the hand, making worming a treat for dogs and their owners..


*Sampling trial of 150 veterinary practices December 2009




Plerion is a broad spectrum easy to give wormer for dogs
Plerion's flavoured and chewable formulation makes
worming a treat for the dog and owner
PlerionTHE NEW FLAVOURED, CHEWABLE, EASY-TO-GIVE WORMERPlerion is a combination of Pyrantel, Praziquantel and Oxantel which gives effective treatment for the relevant endoparasites in a single dose

Two tablet sizes allow easy and accurate dosing


Treatment is advised at least 4 times per year, more frequent worming is recommended for higher risk animals.


Plerion 5 Plerion 10
Dog Weigh (kg) No of chewable tablets Dog Weigh (kg) No of chewable tablets
2.5 - 5kg 1 5 - 10kg 1
6 - 10kg 2 11 - 20kg 2
11 - 15kg 3 21 - 30kg 3
    31 - 40kg 4
    41 - 50kg 5
    51 - 60kg 6
    61 - 70kg 7

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Plerion will control common roundworms and tapeworms effectively. It is suitable for all puppies and dogs over 2 months of age and weighing more than 2.5kg.
Routine treatment of your dog with a suitable wormer helps reduce the health risks to you and your pet.

Plerion 5 for small dogs


Plerion 10 for medium and large dogs


For more information on the types of worms click here
If you are in any doubt about the health of your pets always consult your veterinary surgeon